Meet Atira

Welcome to the Ion Design Labs Blog. Meet Atira Meyer, better known by her social media tag Atira Shea. Atira is another student in the Design Lab. She is a very talented digital media artist, an impressive creator with skills far transcendent of her age. New to philosophy, she is learning much about design, as well as new philosophical viewpoints. She is taking this class for the experience, and for the fact that it fills art credits for her minor. Her goals for taking this class are to gain experience with clients, working and creating designs for them, as well as making connections with local businesses.

            Atira is a communication major with minors in digital art and design. She is from Lincoln, NE, the location of Nebraska Wesleyan University. Atira graduated from Lincoln Southwest High School. She hopes to graduate from Nebraska Wesleyan University and begin work in the video editing field. As of right now, she is considering working at an advertising agency and possibly one day running her own.

             To get to know Atira, here are a few things she’s chosen to share. Her family has three dogs, Secret, Mystery, and Clue. When she was younger, she had a hamster named Murder and a hermit crab named Mort. Atira likes both cats and dogs, but as her family has dogs, she leans towards dogs. Mornings are best for Atira, and she is most productive during the day. When asked what her favorite movie was or her favorite place to travel, she responded that she has too hard of a time answering questions like that, so she chose not to answer. Regardless, Atira is a funny, kind, open person that brings light and fun to the class.

            Atira was a fan of Death Cab for Cutie as a child, and when asked what one album she would bring to a deserted island, she responded in the like. Pasta and flavored lemonades are Atira’s favorite. Anything with pasta in it, she will eat, and any flavored lemonade, she will drink.